Remote Customer Service


By allowing for a variety of work styles regardless of factors such as residency, age, or appearance, avatars have the potential to become the face of customer service operations.

Let’s do a trial right now and see how our avatar performs in a real customer service scenario.

About KSIN

KSIN is a web service that utilizes avatars to provide remote customer service and facilitate operational communication in stores. The service is being developed in collaboration with Digital Frontier Inc. and a beta version was launched in July 2022.

Our service name is written as ‘KSIN’ and pronounced as ‘Keshin’

KSIN's Feature

1. Our photo-realistic avatars are well-suited for a wide range of businesses

Our avatars are high-definition 3D computer graphics, commonly referred to as “digital humans”. While avatar customer service has its appeal, some businesses may find that animated characters do not align with their brand image or may be difficult to implement in a workplace setting. To accommodate various industries and business types, we offer both male and female characters for use in customer service scenarios.

2. Only a limited number of operators but we are able to serve customers remotely from multiple locations.

One staff can remotely serve the customer service demands of multiple stores.
This will help solve the problem of manpower shortages and reduce labor costs.
In the same way, experienced and foreign-language fluent staff can serve any store, which improves your service and reduces training costs.

3. Even avatars can communicate naturally

Customer services staff’s  facial expressions are captured by a camera and reflected on the avatar in real-time.

Despite of using avatars, we can express rich emotions, enabling natural communication with customers just like human staff.

Suitable for a variety of situations

Grocery - Drugstore - Department store

For advertising and guidance of products. By avatar we can serve customers or do sample food on site, or also can prevent infections!

Electronics store
Mobile Shop

Decrease training costs. Staff with extensive product knowledge can support multiple locations.

Hotel - Tourist Information Centers
Mass Transit

High-impact avatar customer service. Providing visitors with an enjoyable experience!

Parenting and physical disabilities can also serve customers from their own homes

Providing jobs for those who have difficulty commuting or dressing for work. Creating jobs and improving retention rates.

KSIN TimeShare

Select your preferred time slot and try a one-on-one online meeting using the KSIN avatar.

Run by

Unicast Inc.

With the business mission of " Creating a future where people and robots can work together", we we have developed and provided a robot-based corporate reception service, AI temperature check service, and other services. We are also applying the know-how we have cultivated in the development of this service to realize a customer service DX that is not only more efficient, but also fresh and satisfying for customers.

Digital Frontier Inc.

A Japanese video production company focusing on 3DCG production. A pioneer in the research and development of digital humans in Japan, the company possesses high-quality CG model production technology that can be mistaken for real people. The company is involved in video production in a wide range of genres, and its works include "Belle," "GANTZ:O", "Alice in Borderland" and "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" etc

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Let's do a trial right now!

KSIN is available for trial.
We offer both online and in-store trials. Free plans are also available.

Please feel free to contact us.
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